Bamboo Side Table
Bamboo Side TableBamboo Side TableBamboo Side TableBamboo Side Table
Dhs. 259.00

Extend your surface are with this removeable side table.  Manufactured using high quality stainless steel and renewable and durable Bamboo.  This must have accessory simply clips on to either side of the Space Grill when added surface space is required.  To store simply unclip and slip the table in to the cavity of the Space Grill for convenient storage. 

  • Extend prep surface area by 180 square inches for plates, glasses and utensils
  • Simple and easy to attach and detach from either side of the Space Grill
  • Constructed from high grade stainless steel  
  • Bamboo material is harder than wood, less porous and easy to clean

    Customer Reviews

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    its fantastic but,

    its very useful but i got scratched from it as the edges are so sharp so if you will change the shape to make it little curved so if it touch the hand not scratch it.

    thank you


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    Top product, top support I've finally installed the Space Grill - it was quick and easy, and the Space Grill team were very helpful when I had questions.Top product, top support - gotta love it! 

     - Sean, Wollstonecraft NSW

     I couldn't image using any other BBQ It cooks great and is very easy to clean. The cooking area is much bigger than it looks on TV. Highly recommend a Space Grill to anyone looking for a BBQ.

     - Eddie, Ashfield NSW  

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