Space Grill Cover
Space Grill Cover
Dhs. 99.00

Keep your grill looking prestine when and use and protect it when its not.

Custom made exclusively for Space Grill for a perfect fit.  Side velcro straps prevent scratching and secure the cover from flying away during times of extreme wind.

Manufactured using water resistant vinyl material keeps rain out so it looks as clean as it did when you stowed it away. 

Weatherproof Cover offers a two year warranty against defects and perforation. 




Portable Stand
Stand Cover


Top product, top support I've finally installed the Space Grill - it was quick and easy, and the Space Grill team were very helpful when I had questions.Top product, top support - gotta love it! 

 - Sean, Wollstonecraft NSW

 I couldn't image using any other BBQ It cooks great and is very easy to clean. The cooking area is much bigger than it looks on TV. Highly recommend a Space Grill to anyone looking for a BBQ.

 - Eddie, Ashfield NSW  

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